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Taking wellness cues from nature

With fall firmly planted in our minds, we begin preparing for harvest and transition to winter. It is time to reap the rewards of our labors from spring and summer, and settle into quietude that naturally occurs at this time of year.  Chinese Medicine advocates following the directions of the seasons and mirror the energy of…

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Three Ways to Know if Chinese Medicine is Right for You

One of the oldest medical models, traditional Chinese medicine aims to prevent or heal disease by restoring a dynamic balance between two complementary forces: yin and yang. A person is healthy when harmony exists between these two forces.  Over the years, humankind has made numerous medical advances, with many great benefits. Yet amidst all the…

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Creating a Healthy Routine for Pregnancy and Beyond

Your children can benefit from healthy lifestyle shifts as early as pre-conception.

Did you know your children can benefit from healthy lifestyle shifts as early as pre-conception? Chinese Medicine states a baby’s constitution (known as “Jing”) is determined at the time of conception. Improving parental health while trying to conceive helps create a strong constitution for the baby. Even without this head-start, nutrition, exercise, and relaxation practices…

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