Fertility and OB-Gyn

Jennifer has been providing quality, compassionate healthcare for couples trying to grow their families since 2002.

Whether you’re looking to increase overall well-being prior to conception, are currently in the process of trying to conceive, or are looking for maternity and delivery support, Verdure Health Traditions has a number of options to support you on your journey to creating a loving and welcoming home for you baby.

Each patient and couple is thoughtfully evaluated and treated with dignity and care, as no sets of circumstances are exactly the same.

Jennifer welcomes all questions and concerns and seeks to understand your unique situation. With your specific situation and needs in mind, Jennifer creates a customized treatment plan to enhance the care you receive from your team of fertility providers with the ultimate goal of helping you create a loving and welcoming environment for your baby.

Acupuncture has been shown to balance the endocrine and metabolic systems for increased fertility in women and men. Furthermore, lifestyle recommendations help individuals and couples optimize their health prior to conception in support of healthy pregnancies and babies.